Why Not Suicide?
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Wnhy Not Suicide?
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Why Not Suicide?

You can't kill yourself - because you don't belong to yourself - you didn't make yourself - you are a miracle - made of thousands of bones and muscles - and millions of cells -



with eyes better than any camera - and a brain more complex than any computer. If you destroy yourself, you destroy something that no one in the world can make !

You want to end it all because you think you're the only one who can and ought to run your life - that's crazy - you have been put here to do something that no one else can - your maker has counted every hair on your head - and this is the greatest moment in your life FOR HIM - he has at last some chance of getting you to give up and let him do with you here what he originally wanted SO FORGET SUICIDE AND LET'S TALK ABOUT A WAY OUT !

Here are some talks that might be helpful.

Can you put one foot in front of the other ? Have you ever thought how many bones and muscles worked together for you to take that simple step ? Of course, like all the rest of us, you just take that for granted - but somebody or some power held all your bones and muscles and nerves together - and holds them together now..
Of course you can't handle it - you were never meant to - but in this stupid world everyone thinks they can and makes us feel we can - you can't - and you're filled with pessimism because you think you can and ought.