Why Not Suicide?
Wnhy Not Suicide?
Living Daily in Reality Talks
Why Not Suicide?

Christian Corps was founded in 1970 by Ernest O'Neill, who still leads this work from our US headquarters.

His latest series of talks can be seen on
Living Daily in Reality

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We have temporarily stopped the radio broadcast programs "What is the Meaning of Life?" with Trans World Radio but hope to start them again at the end of the year.

To those new to this series, these programs give answers to many questions people have such as, 'Why are we alive?', 'Is there a God?', 'Is Jesus Divine?', 'Is the Bible history or myth?', 'How can I be happy in this world?' and many more.

There are around 200 short 10 minute talks presented by Ernest O'Neill.

At present, you can listen to both English and Mandarin by following the links below:

English Programs

Chinese (Mandarin) Programs


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